A New Year A New YOU!

Spectrum rang in 2014 with all our favorite skaters from Fond du Lac. We laughed, snacked, and we roller-skated as we celebrated our favorite parts of 2013 and looked forward to a bright New Year. 2014 is officially under way, and people are dusting off last year’s resolutions and facing January with a promise to do better. But over 80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t survive past the first week. If you’ve resolved to make 2014 about a whole new you,Spectrum is here to help.

Exercise Your Body
Have you resolved to lose weight, get fit, or simply enjoy exercise more this year? Hitting the gym or lacing up your jogging sneakers may last for a few weeks, but getting healthy is about finding a fitness routine you can maintain. Roller-skating is so carefree it may not feel like fitness, but skating can burn as much as 600 calories per hour. A low impact sport that’s easy on joints and bones, skating works nearly every muscle in your body, giving you a leaner, stronger look. And with our Top 40’s music, energetic staff, and the friends skating with you, roller-skating is as fun as it is healthy.

Enrich Your Soul
When the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Day, health goals aren’t the only thing people resolve to fix. Making new friends, spending time with family, and simply enjoying life are all common New Year’s resolutions. Spectrum Family Fun Center offers you an inexpensive, energetic venue to come together and have fun with your friends, family, and future acquaintances. With the fun music, ready laughter, and exercise-induced endorphins you’ll find at your Fond du Lac skating center, there’s no better place to start the New Year.
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Flash Mob

You’ve seen the YouTube videos of flash mobs – whether it’s just a group of people breaking out in song and dance randomly on a street corner or a romantic wedding proposal, we know you’ve secretly been wanting to be a part of one of those mobs, and now you can!Spectrum is participating in the #Sk8Selfie internet flash mob!

On February 7th we’re hosting a HUGE teen bash for everyone in Fond du Lac, Wi. Teens – bring all your friends and come out to Spectrum Entertainment Center to race them around the skating rink. SkateSelfieSkate2013WEB
Challenge each other to a game of pool losing team buys the group pizza! Drop your tokens into our arcade games and win as many tickets as you can to redeem for glow products, candy, and other fun things at our stuff shop!

While you and all your friends are here having a great time, stop and snap a photo, or ten! We need you to help us and hundreds of other skating rinks from across the country flood social media with #Sk8Selfie photos. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine – what ever your favorite social profile is and post photos of yourself having a great time. Don’t miss the shot of the laser tag winning team enjoying their pizza from the losing team!
We’re looking to see you here at Sparkles Hiram on February 7th to help us take over the internet with our flash mob. Make sure your phones are charged and have plenty of room to capture all the fun!