Why Roller Skate at Spectrum?

Top 10 Reasons To Skate At Spectrum

We have 10 reasons why Spectrum is a great place for your family fun all year round:

1. Spectrum is FUN for all ages! If it’s skating with your children, friends or as an adult, roller skating is fun for all ages and it’s family friendly making it 100% safe and fun for all.

2. Great exercise! Come skate for an hour and burn 600 calories, two hours and you’ll burn off a solid 1,200 – now that’s a great workout.

4. Birthday Parties: Great for hosting birthday parties. Spectrum has great birthday party packages and space to have the best birthday party event!

5. Perfect way to meet new friends! Spectrumis fun for all that attend and it’s a great place to meet new friends and a place for all of your friends to meet if you haven’t connected in a while.

6. Parties at Spectrum are affordable! Our different party packages make having a roller skating party affordable for any budget.

7. What about the music? You can request all kinds of music from our extensive list of Pop, Retro, Rock, Country and THOUSANDS of other songs! Request your favorite song today!

8. Beat the heat this summer inside. We have lots of air conditioning so come skate with us!

9. Friendly Staff: No matter what you need, our friendly Spectrum staff is here to help with everything from fitting you in the right skate in our skate shop, or helping your party idea come to life.

10. Family Friendly Environment:and safe for all ages!

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